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Momentum is gaining.
The tech is spreading.
The Cryptid Collective Has Arrived

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The Cryptid
Collective origins...

When the  bureaucratic entity known as
"The Center" arrived in the galaxy, we were led
to believe that it would deliver us into economical balance.

With reluctance, we tethered ourselves to its might and
in time lost our individuality, our independence, and eventually, our dream of what we could have been.

Countless worlds have
yielded to "The Center", but all across the galaxy hides a rebellious group who maintain hope...

The fight continues...

Against all odds, a safe haven has
appeared in the planet Earth, home of a new technology that may be the key to resisting the insurmountable greed of the The Center.

Through intergalactic communication, the collective heard word of a powerful decentralized technology called "The Blockchain".

Many have fled their home worlds, determined to add their collective will to the growing strength of this exciting new technology.

Driven to understand this new technology more, the Cryptid Collective have disguised themselves to blend in with the humans.

Although many are indistinguishable from normal humans, The Cryptid Collective Mantra can be found engraved on the back of their neck.

Momentum is gaining.
The tech is spreading.
The Cryptid Collective has arrived.




Team Lead and Project Manager and Operations

Zach Dugger

Artist and overall badass


Software Developer


Marketing and Community Management


When is the release date and what type of contract is it?

The release date is set for Friday, September 10th at 2pm EST (6pm Coordinated Universal Time).

The contract is on the ERC721 Standard

Do holders get commercial rights?

Absolutely. Holders get commercial rights of their own Cryptid but do not have IP over The Cryptid Collective as a whole.

When will the reveal be?

The reveal will be instant immediately after launch.

How many Cryptids will be release and at what price?

There will be a max supply of 10,101 Cryptids and the cost to mint is 0.06 Ethereum.

Where is the contract?

The contract link will be provided shortly before the launch. It can be found here when that happens.

What is the community wallet?

The community wallet is a wallet that is specifically going to be used for whatever purposes that the community deems fit. There are many different ideas that we could use it for but will ultimately let the community decide.

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